Character attributes

Base character attributes by race, bloodline and anchestry.

Remember that is a base attributes and You have 5 spare points on hand to modify these attributes. You can add up to 3 points to one attribute at creation time.

Also keep in mind that at this time (Revelations 1.4.3) character creation process looks slightly non-intuitive, EVE offers Anchestry selection after distribution of additional points.


Weapon Ammo

Frequency Crystals

Beam and pulse lasers modulation crystals.

Projectile Ammo

Artillery and autocannons ammunition.

Hybrid Charges

Blasters and railguns charge.


Under construction

Misc charges

Cap Booster charges

Batteries used in capacitor boosters.

Ship comparison

Industrial ships

T1 Industrial Ships

Cargohold capacity of each race haulers by skill level.