Illpwnyoulikeanoob > behind a titan your safe
Chronic DOGG > about 1au behind a titan yeah
* syphurous hugs hairy with his smartbomb
Freelo > a 3000m hug :-P
Freelo > smartbombs give group hugs
CAS mathematics
Jillien Rutgers > 3-14 = 3.14
syphurous > Why does the ity3 have lights in the rear thrusters ? :S
Inferno > so you can see which rat is mounting you from behind as you slowly try to get away.
Cowerpower > to those that dont get it ..... Instant + Gratification = Instagratz
K'ceb Ye'ndor > yes give us titans on day 1 of trial !!
JDHawke > I'm a patient person, I'll wait till day 2 for the titan
Fshntz > what's this red button do?
Shoa Jinn > dont touch that unless your in a caldari ship
Exploration:Caldreis > alway fly what you can afford to lose!
Exploration:oolk > cant fly it yet :(