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This tool was made to save my head from click-click'ing every time to set my skills to appropriate level.
Save Your character from EVEmon in a .txt format.
Open Your character in the simple form below and click “Convert >>”.
Save converted character to the “%EFT%/Characters” folder.

That way, You may also export Your planned characters. MUCH easier than sitting in EFT's Character Editor picking every single skill and adjusting to the expected level.

And yes, You must restart EFT to get Your exported characters to work (or better have it not running at the time of characters implantation).

Note for better usage: set a Read-Only attribute to the saved characters. That way, You'll be able to reset any changed skills by restarting EFT.

WARNING: Tool has been adjusted to the new export format (actual EVEMon build 2064).

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If You would like to make an ISK donation to support my work, please DO NOT send ISK to me personally. It is against our local corp policy.
Instead, make a payment to Vhero' Multipurpose Corp Master Wallet. Please clearly state in the comment, that it is a donation to support corporation web resources.
Then these donations will be divided amongst all shareholders as it happens to any corp profit.

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